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The Great Pause

At almost two years into that life-altering Great Pause we’ve all experienced, I have to ask. Did The Great Pause make you evaluate that life of yours? Your passion? Your gifts? Your career? Your relationships? What’s important and what needs to change?

Did Mary Oliver’s immortal words ring in your heart?

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

They sure rang in my heart.

I’m not the same after The Great Pause.

Rather than allow inertia to set in while we collectively—and universally—awaited a bright new chapter, I continued my lifelong journey of self-discovery and spirituality, and took a deep dive into learning about all the gifts of Reiki. Yea, it’s a thing! I immersed myself in Reiki retreats, attunements and training, earning Master Certification in Holy Fire Karuna Reiki.

Reiki is a safe, relaxing evidence-based energy healing practice that’s currently used in hospitals, hospice, and clinics all over the world. Reiki offered me another level of self awareness, spiritual insight, and a truly holistic way of looking at the world, my life, my work.

My lessons and observations from Reiki offer new perspectives on how I might serve clients in more meaningful, intentional and holistic ways—and maybe help them see a new approach to communicating. I think it has enhanced my ability to listen intently to client needs and deliver even more dynamic and thought-provoking content and stories.

After The Great Pause, perhaps we all have a new lens on our lives, our work, our world—a different way of looking at things and fresh new problem-solving perspectives.

Mine is a mission to be of service. With meaningful, compassionate, heart-based content and direction for clients. We deliver messaging that truly compels the audience—infusing life, character, and inspiration into tales and content.

What’s your unique, authentic voice that resonates with your peeps?

Someone asked me recently how you want a client to feel after working with you. Good question!

I hope I’ve opened their minds, inspired them with new possibilities for how they message and present their business, ventures, ideas and brands. I hope I’ve made them laugh—and realize that life is holistic. Our work is holistic—one part is not separate from the other—personal, professional, spiritual. That’s where the JUICE is!

It’s nearly two years since the beginning of The Great Pause. How do I feel today? Happy. Fearless. Hopeful. Excited. Fresh. Ready!

How do you feel?

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Lisa G.
Lisa G.
10 juin 2023

Some good energy here, my friend.




Membre inconnu
03 févr. 2022


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